Almanar – The Album Narkoba

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Content Language : Indonesia
Singer :Almanar
Album Title : Narkoba
Music Genre : Dangdut, Qasidah, Melayu, Islamic

Track Song :

01. Narkoba
02. Kata Cinta
01. Kedudukan
02. Perubahan
03. Kesan Harmoni
04. Dihadapan Korban
05. Mengadu Nasib
06. Teman Sejati
07. Ambisi
08. Dambaan

Whole Video or MP3 songs download for Narkoba Album by Almanar are available for evaluation purpose only. Be sure your to remove it from your computer within 2 x 24 hours upon download. Last but not least, if you like the songs from band this, don't forget to support Almanar by buying cassette, CD music, or subscribe Ring Back Tone (RBT ), NSP, I-RING especially this album.


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